Tours  and Other services Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement with Kenya Best Travel Services hereinafter referred to as KBTS and is subject to the following terms and conditions, which shall be amended from time to time, in all KBTS brochures or other KBTS published sites. The agent or client hereinafter referred to, as the Client shall be deemed to have accepted that he/she or it has read and understood these conditions and have agreed to be bound by them, once they make a booking with KBTS.


All Bookings must be made in through our official websites or by  e-mail.

A full payment shall be required at confirmation of the tour 

KBTS reserves the right to cancel any payment pending booking without notice KBTS will upon request thereafter, re-quote the tour and may impose a surcharge as a result.
KBTS shall upon receipt of payment, provide such services at the quoted price but unconditionally reserve the right to adjust such price if compelled by any other factor beyond the control of KBTS.


All bookings & amendments must be sent to KBTS in writing / by Email in which case the following fees shall be charged, notwithstanding the fact that KBTS reserves the right to determine when such cancellation or amendment is received, owing to factors like or similar to communication delays or shortfalls.
If a cancellation notice is received by KBTS within the time of booking and 40 days before the commencement of a tour, a cancellation fee of 30% will be charged.
If a cancellation notice is received by KBTS within 39 to 20 days before the commencement of a tour, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged.
If a cancellation notice is received by KBTS within 19 to 7 days before the commencement of a tour, a cancellation fee of 75% will be charged.
If a cancellation notice is received by KBTS within 6 days before the date of commencement of a tour, a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.
KBTS will utilize any deposit submitted to pay for such cancellation charges and will refund to the Client all unused payments.
It should be understood that during a certain period of travel (PEAK times) we may not adhere to cancellation policies as stipulated above due to making advance FULL payments to various hotels and lodges and as such cancellation during this time is 100%.
Any intention to cancel a booked tour, we must receive information in writing and the company shall apply cancellation policies as applicable. There are no refunds for unused portions of the program, and refunds will not be made to clients who do not complete the tour for any reason whatsoever.
In the event that the Client requests for an amendment for a tour KBTS will endeavor to make such alterations with minimum or nil penalties, however, the client will at all times be liable to any unavoidable subsequent amendment charges.


Transport as specified in the Final Operating Itinerary (FOI).
Accommodation as specified in the FOI.
Sightseeing and game drive as specified in the FOI.
Flight/s as specified in the FOI.
Government hotel taxes, hotel service charges, and airport service charges as included in the FOI.


International flights and airport tax, unless specifically indicated in the FOI.
Visa fees, all items of personal nature i.e. drinks, laundry, communication costs, etc. unless specifically indicated in FOI
Supplementary Charges imposed by hotels from time to time.


KBTS does not guarantee the availability of a single or private room even in cases where such provision/s had been requested and confirmed.
Whilst KBTS will always endeavor to ensure that you stay in hotels, lodges or camps as requested and confirmed, it reserves the right to alter such facilities, in its opinion with similar ones. KBTS also reserves the right to change any route or arrangements should condition so necessitate, to offer substitutes of equal value, or to cancel the operation of any scheduled tour. The right is also reserved to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of any tour at any time, in which event an equitable amount will be refunded. KBTS will not accept any liability or responsibility if the Client declines to accept any such optional arrangements offered, in all cases which KBTS determines to be out of their control.


KBTS  shall provide safari mini busses and other vehicles, aircraft ,train, or coaches, as it considers necessary to transport you at its discretion from time to time.
KBTS reserves the right to outsource such transportation as may be necessary.


KBTS  Shall provide all necessary possible assistance to ensure visa requested is achieved, but KBTS  is not responsible in decided the outcome of visa, whether to be issued or denied, this is the sole  responsibility of the visa issuing authority, and KBTS will not be held responsible whatsoever.

KBTS  only act as Agent to  give the necessary guide and facilitations  and nothing more, and KBTS is not responsible and cannot influence the outcome and therefore will not be reliable of the out come.

Fees  collected for visa service by KBTS are mainly for facilitation services, and therefore are non refundable where the visa is issued or denied.

Visa facilitation fee must be paid in full for KBTS  provide the request services.


KBTS will provide the best accommodation as per the request, but will not be held responsible as result of the failure resulted from the booked hotel/lodges, KBTS  responsibility is just to reserve the property and submit the required payments, and the client will be under the said property`s terms and conditions, and any failures occurring while under the said property is not KBTS  responsibility.

KBTS will only confirm the accommodation requested after receiving the full payments. 


KBTS  only  Travel Agency providing services on behalf of Airlines, and therefore is not responsible for any issues related to the airline providing the services, client will be under the airline terms and conditions, and  all issues shoulder be directed to the said airline.

KBTS will Such and provide the best airline requested and the best fare offer available , and facilitate the payment and ticketing but the rest responsibility lay on the airline, and KBTS will not be held reliable whatsoever.

KBTS will only confirm and ticket your booking only after receiving the full payments.

KBTS can cancel the  upaid bookings without any notice, and will not be held reliable.


Refunds for cancelled ticket , failed to board, or any other reasons, is the  responsibility of the concern passenger and the concerned airline, and it is not  a concern, reliability or responsibility in any way of KBTS and  such matters should be directed to the concerned airline directly  and KBTS  will not be reliable to  any refund or cost . 


KBTS only operate as a sales Agent of the insurance provider company, and therefore any claims and complaints must be directed directed to the insurance providing company named on the policy documents, and KBTS is not reliable to respond to any claim, complaint, refund, and etc.

KBTS will process the policy only after receiving and completed policy application form and full payment.


The Client shall ensure that he/she has adequate insurance protection against personal accident, medical expenses, emergencies, and loss or damage to your property. The client risks losing all or part of their travel investment.
The Client shall ensure that his/her travel documents are all in order.
The Client shall ensure that his/her airline flight reconfirmations are done at all stopovers, 72 hours before flight departure time.
The Client shall be responsible to request KBTS, of any special attention required relating to diets, disability, medical which may otherwise affect comfort while on tour participation. KBTS will always endeavor to make provisions for such but will not be responsible for failure to provide such if such shortfall is beyond the control of KBTS.


KBTS will only act as an agent for all transportation, accommodation, meals and all other items provided to the Client, except in cases where such facilities are owned by KBTS. Whilst KBTS will always sub-contract the best of all such facilities, it shall not be liable whatsoever, for any shortfalls experienced as a result of such sub-contracts.


KBTS shall refund to the client, all or part of payment submitted by the Client, for services not provided as a result of negligence or any other shortcoming in the part of KBTS.


KBTS shall not be responsible for severe injury or death due to participation to certain travels, which have inherent risks including, but not limited to, attacks by wildlife animals, hot air ballooning, sightseeing, flights in domestic planes, mountain climbing or rafting.
KBTS will not be responsible for losses or expenses from sickness, quarantine, weather, Acts of God, strikes, civil disturbances, wars, custom regulations, or such other causes.


All matters concerning the above conditions shall be subject to Laws of the Republic of Kenya. The clients submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Kenya, which shall be the sole forum for the hearing of any claims.

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